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Anytime Profits is created by Chris Moran, he will teach you how to build your email list in auto pilot.

Summary of Anytime Profits

  • You will receive 90 high-converting squeeze pages on a different domain, all customized with your auto responder code.
  • Create content and backlinks continuously all point to your 90 high-converting squeeze pages.
  • Your email list will begin to receive subscribers within 72 hours.
  • Distribute your squeeze page to various social media platforms such as Youtube to get more traffic.

Anytime Profits Members Area

anytime profits review

Members area of Anytime Profits is a bit outdated, and I noticed there is another name of the product which is Sonic List Builder, this is an old product launch on half year ago, but it’s no a problem, let’s see what Anytime Profits can do for you.

4 Steps of Anytime Profits

anytime profits review

There are 4 steps on the members area, each step includes a help video and PDF guides show you how to do it.

System Overview & Start Up

anytime profits review

This video introduces you the features of Anytime Profits, what you need to do before getting started. Below is the navigation bar and each function of them:

  • My Profile – Your general account information such as name, email address, etc.
  • My Services – This is a very convenient place where you can view all of the services that are active in your Account. This listing also includes a description of level of service so that you have a good understanding of everything.
  • Support Center – Here is the place you can ask your question to the author. When you submit a ticket you will receive an email confirmation of the Ticket.

Get Your Free Auto Responder Account

anytime profits review

You will get your free trial auto responder which is GetResponse for 30 days here. You can only use GetResponse to run the whole system works. And here is the important thing you should know, there is no more free account for you after 30 days, but you can become paid membership of GetReponse after you make money.

Activate Your Sonic List Builder

anytime profits review

It is very important you get this activation correct because all of your squeeze pages will use this form code, this is the form that your subscribers will use to opt-in to your list. You have to create a form on your GetResponse account, and the PDF guide will show you how to do it. After that, you have to enter your GetResponse campaign name in the empty box to activate it.

Set Up Your Networks For Your Traffic Funnels

anytime profits review

Here you can send your squeeze pages to various social media platforms to generate more traffic, here is the list of website:

Here’s what happens when you set up your account. Anytime Profits system automatically distributes newly created content and videos to a broad range of portals and websites across the Internet everyday. This ongoing process builds quality backlinks to your squeeze pages, thereby growing your link popularity, search rankings, and targeted traffic flow to your squeeze pages.

The Example Squeeze Page of Anytime Profits

anytime profits review

Here is the squeeze page I created after setting up all the 4 steps, you can see this squeeze page is simple and attractive. Click here to see how to monetize your email list with the profitable campaigns.


Anytime Profits is really a newbies friendly product, after setting the whole system up, you can leave it alone. This is a very good concept that building a email list and generate traffic automatically for you. It will build you 90 squeeze pages in 90 days, one per day, and the quality of squeeze pages are quite good. What you have to do is to check whether your email subscribers have increase or not everyday.

However, you can only using GetResponse as the auto responder for this system, if you already have your own email list and you’re not using GetResponse auto responder service, Anytime Profits is not suitable for you. I do have some subscribers after using this product, but my new subscribers are increasing slowly, probably the more squeeze pages they have created for you, the faster it will be.

I recommend for those who are the beginner and want to make money with email marketing. So, how to monetize it? I guess you have a lot of emails that ask you to buy this and that in your inbox, that’s the way they make money with email list. There is a product in more details way to teach you how to do it correctly which is DotComSecrets X, you can find the review on my website.

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