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The Income Factor is a internet marketing training course that including video tutorials, software tools, ready-made products and more, this is an all-in-one internet marketing training course created by a professional internet marketers team like Rob Benwell, David Sharpe and Jamie Shaw. Below is my The Income Factor Review, I will reveal the secrets inside this product.

The Income Factor Member Area

income factor review

First of all, the member area is great and very clean and simple. Basically, The Income Factor is to teach you how to setup a website and using their strategies to monetize it, they teach you all the process step by step to make money online, you can learn these strategies in different section in member area.

Let’s talk about each of the button in member area:

Getting Start

In this area, there is a welcome video, you will learn the 3 steps to make money in very detailed way:

  1. Getting your first site live and online
  2. Getting visitors (traffic) to your site
  3. Get your traffic to convert into sales

In additional, you can download these 3 e-books in the first step which are great bonuses to you:

3 Exclusive eBooks

Fast Cash Strategies

Basically you can learn list building strategies in this area, which is email marketing. The concept is very simple, write a valuable report to give out free, in return for visitors email address. The money is inside the list. Besides, there are other strategies which are not so many people know.

  • Profitable Report Writing – How to write your own killer report
  • Profitable List Building – You can learn how to build a high-converting squeeze page and you can download the free squeeze pages and reports here too
  • Profiting From PLR – How to make money from private label rights products
  • Kindle Publishing – How to write your Amazon Kindle books and profit from it
  • A Quick Way to Make Money – There are 26 videos here teach you how to make quick money step by step
  • Site Flipping Profit Blueprint – How to make money from Site Flipping (13 videos)
  • Squidoo – Make money from Squidoo in proper way

Core Strategies

In this area, you can learn make money online strategies in long-term way, that’s mean you have to treat your website as a serious business like you running a real company offline. In additional, you can get a lot of make money offline methods here.

  • Giant Cash From Tiny Adverts – You can download this e-book for free (79 pages)
  • Advance Direct Response Marketing Secrets (12 lessons)
  • Seven of Hottest Methods to Get Rich
  • The Mega Wealth Matrix
  • E-Wealth Secrets (10 lessons)
  • How to Make Your Fortune Writing Children’s Books (12 lessons)
  • Apprentice Property Tycoon (6 lessons)
  • Maverick Master (10 lessons)
  • Prediction Profits (10 lessons)
  • The Laptop Millionaire (10 lessons)

Video Library

There are a lot of internet marketing video training in this area, including the interview of 11 experts in internet marketing, which you can learn internet marketing secrets from them.

  • C Panel (9 videos)
  • Search Engine Optimization (27 videos & a PDF book)
  • Video Marketing Secret (13 videos)
  • Social Marketing (16 videos)
  • Expired Domain Research
  • Clickbank Review Secrets (7 videos)
  • Knowledge Base (73 videos)
  • Internet Marketing Legends:
    • Viral Marketing Genius – Morgan Westerman
    • Master Marketer & Internet Strategist – Stephen Pierce
    • Internet Audio & Video Guy – Mike Stewart
    • Internet Do-Roo – David Cavanagh
    • Matt Clarkson
    • Master Internet Thinker – Kirt Christensen
    • Butterfly Marketing – Mike Filsaime
    • Super Logical Internet Marketer – Tom Hua
    • Internet Master Mind Group Specialist – Ted Ciuba
    • Step By Step Simplicity – Brett McFall
    • Derek Gehl Presentation

Audio Library

You can find a lot of audio that can increase your internet marketing knowledge here. These audios are built for your convenience, so you listen to them all the time.

  • Monopolize Your Marketplace Featuring Marc Gamble
  • Marketing Master Workshop
  • Important Key for Online Product Promotion
  • 7 Sentence Guerrilla Marketing Plan
  • 1 Million Free Visitors
  • Testing & Tracking Secrets
  • From Idea to $250,000 in 6 Months
  • Alternative Ways to Promote Affiliate Programs
  • How to Market High Ticket Affiliate Programs
  • Super Affiliate Secrets
  • How to Run Your Affiliate Business
  • How to Build a 6 Figure Affiliate Business
  • How to Be a Successful Affiliate Marketer
  • Building Your Business From The Foundation Up
  • Step By Step Building Blocks
  • Successful Marketing
  • Business Building From the Ground Up
  • How to Start From Nothing and Build an Empire
  • Set Up a US Base Business From Outside the US
  • Former Aesop COO Reveals
  • The Million Dollar
  • How to Build Your Million Dollar Business From Scratch
  • Business Coaching Session Recorded Live
  • Fast Track Success Through Coaching
  • How to Build Your Network Marketing Empire
  • Build a Million Dollar Network Marketing Business
  • Killer Copy Writing Tactics From the Million Dollar Man
  • Extraordinary Copywriter Who Failed Up Reveal His Secrets
  • Copywriting Clinic
  • Design Your Own Software
  • How to Develop and Market a Product
  • Finding JV Partners & Working the Deal
  • Helpful Guide to Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Estate Planning – Drop Dead Organized
  • Success Secrets From Offline World
  • Turn Your Relationship into Sales
  • Numerology As a Power Tool
  • Live Personal Numerology Reading
  • Small Business Branding on a Budget
  • Accomplish Twice as Much in Half the Time
  • Find Your Why – It’s Not Just Goal Setting
  • How to Succeed With Google AdWords
  • Secrets to Successful Google AdWords Campaign
  • How to Make $10,000 a Month with 1 Niche Product
  • Discover the Secrets of Forum Marketing
  • Million Dollar Memberships
  • How to Build Your Own Membership Website
  • Membership Website Secrets

e-Book Library

Just like the Video Library & Audio Library, there are a large amount of e-Books which you can download here, improve your knowledge like keywords, copywriting and SEO. There is a lot to learn when you’re new to making money online, but the best way to start is to go through one thing at a time and start to practice and implement what you have learned.

  • Mailing List Magic
  • Profiting After the Sales
  • Instant Video Marketing Secrets
  • Blogging to Success
  • Optimizing Body Content
  • Free CMS System (Content Management)
  • Getting Listed Fast in Google, Yahoo & MSN
  • Writing Meta Tags
  • Press Release Your Site to Success
  • Search Engine Methodology – What’s in a Search Engine
  • Search Engine Optimization Overview
  • How to Make a lot of Money Running WSO’s (Warrior Special Offers Forum)

Timesaving Tools

In this area, you can learn how to yield twice the result with half the effort by using these Timesaving Tools.

  • Free Online Resources (4 software)
  • Articles & Email Messages (20 articles & Super Money Emails)
  • Site Resources (8 useful templates, banners, graphics & mp3)
  • Link to Great Online Resources (Google Keyword Tools & 4 free WordPress theme sites)
  • Link to Optional Paid Resources (Web hosting, Autoresponder, SEO tools etc.)

Your Resell Products

You can find a lot of resell and PLR Products here, sell them and make money. You can use them in different way to generate income too, be creative!

  • PLR for Newbies Video Series
  • PLR Mastery For Internet Marketers
  • CPA Wealth Blueprint
  • Music Loops For Internet Marketing
  • The 7 Day Profit System
  • 21 Tips to Viral Marketing Success
  • Google Adsense for Newbies
  • 100 Adsense Templates
  • Affiliate Review Riches Exposed
  • 200 PLR Articles (Amazing!)
  • Chalking Cash From Articles
  • Clickbank ATM
  • Customer List Fortunes
  • Dirty Marketing Playbook
  • Easy PDF Maker
  • Expired Domain Fortunes
  • Instant Video Marketing Secrets
  • Internet Marketing How To
  • One Month to a 1000 List Members
  • Non-Marketing Resell & PLR (Other niches)

WordPress Essentials

How to using your WordPress in effective way. You will become an experts in WordPress after you learn all of these methods.

  • 25 Easy-to-follow, Step-by-step Tutorials (23 Videos)
  • Links to Websites with Free WordPress Themes (7 sites)

Traffic Library

The last section of The Income Factor. The best way to generate traffic to your website are all here, you can also find some secret methods from other internet marketers.

  • Web Traffic Secrets
  • Youtube Video Marketing Secrets
  • Great Traffic Videos
  • How to Use Twitter
  • HubPages Tutorial Videos
  • Using Pay Per Click
  • Stumble Upon Secrets
  • Social Media Marketing Strategies
  • Traffic Heist
  • Social Marketing Secrets

There are 2 upsells in The Income Factor:

Niche Blog Package

You will get 20 custom ready-made niche websites here, these are the high-converting websites, therefore you no need to worry about how to create a high-converting website anymore. ($297 for 20 ready-made niche websites! Each $14.85)

Mega Traffic Package

I think you already know what it is, you will get a huge amount of enhanced exclusive training guides here. Want to learn the newest methods of generate traffic? All is inside this upsells. ($197)

Click here to visit the official website (They change the name to Automated Paydays now.)


Wow, Finally! What a huge resources, I really impressed. The Income Factor reveals all the strategies and techniques from every single corner in internet marketing, you will take a long time to learn all the knowledge from these training guides. It is impossible that you can’t make money online, the secrets are all included in The Income Factor. It’s over delivered for just only $29!

Update – The Income Factor has changed its name to Automated Paydays, which has the more attractive sales page and video.