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Local Sniper is created by Jason and Susan King, they will show you how to make money with local marketing. The core system in this product is a software which can let you enter keywords and location, it will gather the data for you and make an email list, so you can send affiliate offer to them and make money.

Local Sniper Members Area

Local Sniper Review

There is nothing good information here except the upsells and the intro video. Also there are some webinars just like the other products.

Local Sniper Software

Local Sniper Review

The software allows you to scrape emails from websites (e.g. Craigslist) automatically and using the build in email sender to send your affiliate offer to them. Also, there is a 47 pages PDF manual for you to understand how to use the software, some email templates for sending to your email list and a proxies list.

Here are the features of the software:

  • Set up lead campaigns
  • Open previous campaigns
  • Quantify campaign results
  • Export thousands of qualified and accurate leads for quick print and mass mailing
  • Define criteria based on multiple keywords and search strings
  • Export and Import leads list in CSV format
  • Multiple add-ons and plug-in available to customize local sniper
  • Ability to sort the leads according to your preference
  • Filter out unwanted leads using smart lead filtering
  • Export collected leads in proper formatting to excel files
  • Log file generation to keep a tap on websites searched and leads harvested
  • Filter out leads in excel sheet


  • Classified Sniper
  • Business Sniper
  • Search Engine Sniper


The idea of Local Sniper is really simple, but it’s illegal. Scraping emails and blast out unsolicited emails without permission is considered a violation of the CAN-SPAM Act, although the users of classified websites (e.g. Craigslist again) is looking for someone to contact them.

Honestly, I have done this a few years ago, the conversion rate was very low which is under 0.5% or worse and most of them went to the spam box. That time, I was hated by a lot of email users as they felt annoying and I felt very bad too. There is a similar product which is Predator software by George Brown, I have heard a lot of negative comments on this product and probably Local Sniper will be the next. Besides, there are so many upsells inside the product, which are very expensive and make the basic product almost useless as it’s just for lead generation and the sales video is over hyped too. Below is the comment from one of the Local Sniper user:

My advice, don’t buy Local Sniper. It’s just a product created for taking newbies’ money. There’s just so many things wrong with this product and internet marketing product launches, there are a ton of lies in the sales page no you can’t start using the software in couple of minutes if you have no previous experience. There’s probably no Jason or Susan King behind this product and they didn’t get their wealth seen in the video using the system behind the product. They are just actors who have been hired by Adeel Chowdry, one of the gurus who is taking money from newbies with hype sales letters since 2006 as he says himself on the JV page of Local Sniper.

Therefore, I don’t recommend it. Why don’t you send your affiliate offer with the permission? There is a better and legal way to make money with email marketing, we call it opt-in marketing. It’s a long term way to make money with your list, although it might take some time to see the results. Thanks for reading my Local Sniper Review, click here to read the products that I recommended.